"We are a proud supporter of the Colorado Clean Energy Cluster, not just because it gives us access to customers and markets through groundbreaking projects like FortZED, but also because it allows us to give back to our community and help build a strong clean energy economy where we can thrive."

Chad Preiss Group President, Woodward

Economic Development and Sustainability

Driving economic prosperity through cluster-based initiatives, downtown sustainability districts, and bringing efficiency to scale.

  • International Cleantech Network

Cluster-based Clean Technology Initiatives

Through its experience incubating and growing organizations such as the Colorado Clean Energy Cluster and the International Cleantech Network, Brendle Group supports private sector-led clean technology and sustainability:

  • Organization and funding models
  • Fostering leadership building
  • Building public-private partnerships

  • Downtown Fort Collins

Downtown and Urban Districts

We bring together communities, businesses, higher education institutions, and other stakeholders to develop district-scale economic development solutions focused on smart energy and sustainability.

  • Net-zero energy districts
  • Net-zero water districts
  • Clean technology demonstration projects
  • Downtown development sustainability strategies
  • Grant and incentive programs

Community Sustainability and Economic Development

Brendle Group helps communities identify, evaluate, plan for, and implement economic development opportunities for sustainability:

  • Clean technology attraction and incubation
  • Workforce development
  • Triple helix partnerships: local government, higher education, and the private sector
  • Sustainability, economic development, and community comprehensive plans