• Summit County CAP

Summit County, Utah Climate Action Plan

Planning for Implementation to Ensure Goals are Achieved

In 2015, Brendle Group developed a comprehensive Climate Action Plan for Summit County, Utah. The project built on the successes of the County's recent sustainability planning initiatives, the County's participation in the Georgetown University Energy Prize competition, and the greenhouse gas reduction roadmap Brendle Group completed in 2012 for the county. The Climate Action Plan included an update to the County's greenhouse gas emissions inventory, review of best practices and current County and regional initiatives, and identification and analysis of more than a dozen greenhouse gas reduction strategies.

A stakeholder committee was engaged in the process, providing detailed feedback and representing various community perspectives. In addition to developing an action-oriented plan, Brendle Group reserved a portion of the project budget to begin immediate implementation. This support included developing a 2-year Sustainability Coordinator work plan and researching weatherization program delivery platforms.