Custom Path

Position Description

Brendle Group is a small but strategically growing company in the sustainability industry. We believe in finding the right person first and then shaping the consulting practice and position to maximize both the applicant’s career development goals and the company’s impact-driven, people-centered priorities. We’re regularly looking to identify and engage with potential candidates that may not fit our current open positions. This includes professionals looking for part-time work or on a non-traditional career path or transition into sustainability from another field.

With over 300 completed sustainability projects across 30 states, Brendle Group continues to grow its brand recognition as a leader and innovator for creating lasting impacts that inspire and sustain our communities and our world. Each of our team members has strong breadth across a range of sustainability practice areas, with 1-2 deeper core competencies. Our services are delivered at various scales (e.g., community, district, campus, portfolio, buildings) covering the full project life cycle from idea to implementation.

Possible Position Responsibilities

  • Provide technical expertise and skill to project execution
  • Effectively work with, coordinate, and support the Brendle Group management team across all areas of existing and new services
  • Effectively manage multiple projects in collaboration with clients, staff project managers, and other senior staff
  • Optimally position and grow Brendle Group’s existing services in the marketplace that align with our Strategic Plan
  • Manage customer/project lifecycle (business development through contracting, execution, management, quality control, closeout, and customer relationship management)

Typical Qualifications and Experience

Brendle Group has a dynamic team of professionals with a mix of qualifications and experience. Some typical qualifications are as follows:

  • Self-motivated, ambitious, innovative team player with a passion for sustainability
  • B.S. or equivalent engineering, planning, business, and/or related degree from a 4-year accredited university or college (advanced degree preferred)
  • Experience that includes related engineering, planning, sustainability, and/or consulting experience
  • Experience working within the mountain west, heartland, and/or pacific northwest preferably in one or more of the following sectors: local governments, utilities, K12/higher education, and private sector business
  • Workplace skills
    • Strong knowledge of PC-based software applications, including Microsoft® Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Adobe Acrobat®
    • Strong writing, verbal communication, and/or facilitation skills
    • Project management
    • Business development
    • Consulting and/or small business experience and/or understanding and enthusiasm for working in a small business atmosphere - including coordinating and communicating with co-workers to most efficiently utilize available resources and time

Relevant Professional Certifications

Common professional certifications could include, but are not limited to, the following examples:

  • Professional Engineering (PE) license
  • Professional Planning certification (AICP)
  • MBA with a focus on sustainable enterprise and/or other sustainability-related licenses and certifications
  • Certified Energy Manager (CEM)
  • Project Management Professional (PMP) certification, trained facilitator, and/or other related project management and professional training
  • LEEDTM accredited professional

Key Attributes

  • Self-motivated team player
  • Entrepreneurial attitude and creative thinker
  • Adaptable and flexible to changes in deadlines and work focus
  • Strong focus on client service through a pragmatic and common sense approach to client needs
  • Ownership of position responsibilities and effectively manages the time and resources needed to deliver them
  • Ability to effectively coordinate and communicate with other staff members and customers for best project outcomes
  • Ability to work in a continuous improvement environment, giving and receiving feedback honestly and professionally

Salary and Benefits

Brendle Group offers a competitive salary and benefits package, including:

  • Salary commensurate with experience
  • Employer paid health, dental, and disability insurance
  • SIMPLE retirement plan with employer matching
  • Flex-time and telecommuting benefits
  • Incentives for high performance


Since this is a custom opportunity, we’d like to hear from you! Which of our offices would be the best fit – Fort Collins, Colorado; Denver, Colorado; or Salt Lake City, Utah?

Application Process

If you think a customized position may benefit your career and Brendle Group’s impact-driven goals, we’d like to hear from you! Below are some simple requirements we’d like you to submit.

  • Questionnaire: We’ve developed this simple questionnaire that will help us get to know you, your skills, and your passion.
  • Cover Letter: Pitch your ideal job at Brendle Group based on the responses provided in your questionnaire.
  • Resume
  • Three Professional References: We hire strongly from references and referrals. If available, please provide any connections you have to our network, including current or past Brendle Group staff members.
  • Salary History

Please email the above elements to with the subject line "Custom Opportunities."

About Brendle Group

Through our impact-driven projects and practices, we help clients solve complex problems while creating lasting impacts. We approach global challenges head-on by bringing innovative sustainability solutions to our client’s bottom line goals. Each of our projects are approached with thought leadership and creativity—thriving at the vital intersection of climate, energy, and water through robust engineering and practical planning and implementation.

Founded in Fort Collins, Colorado in 1996, Brendle Group serves clients nationwide. Our commitment to customer relationships has built the framework for lasting relationships and we believe our culture of passion, creativity, technical expertise, planning, and innovation is what makes our work successful and satisfying. We have a dynamic team of professionals who are dedicated to and invested in sustainability.