Collaborating to Create One of the World’s Largest Net-Zero Energy Districts

Brendle Group is part of a team consisting of leading clean technology companies, businesses, and local government working to make Fort Collins, Colorado home to one of the world’s largest net-zero energy districts. FortZED is taking shape in downtown Fort Collins with an innovative mix of smart grid technology, renewable energy sources, demand management, and supportive public policies.

A pilot program producing 5 Megawatts of energy, or approximately 10 percent of the District’s energy demand, helped raise awareness about FortZED and began to build momentum for the larger goal of District‐wide implementation. FortZED will:

  • Improve energy efficiency in generation, conservation, and flexibility
  • Develop and implement small‐scale on‐site renewable energy such as cost‐effective solar PV panels and micro‐wind turbines
  • Create more utility‐scale green power such as wind and solar farms
  • Allow customers to customize energy offerings through product differentiation