City of Lakewood Renewable Energy Feasibility Study

Exploring Renewable Energy Options for a Colorado Municipality

Brendle Group worked with the City of Lakewood to evaluate existing City buildings and infrastructure and determine the feasibility of various renewable energy technologies.  The project built off previous energy assessments of Lakewood’s buildings conducted under Xcel Energy’s commercial assessment program, demonstrating how foundational assessment work can be leveraged into other opportunities.

Renewable energy technologies reviewed included solar photovoltaic, solar thermal (passive and hot water), wind, geothermal, biomass and biofuels. A feasibility study was then developed to recommend a strategy to implement renewable energy projects consistent with the City’s Comprehensive Plan and other City preferences and priorities.

Included in the feasibility study are descriptions of overall scope, first costs, life cycle analyses (including cost and greenhouse gas emissions impacts), financing opportunities and schedule, along with other potential benefits to the City such as showcasing renewable energy to the community.