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CDOT General Aviation Sustainability Program

Sustainability Planning Within Reach

rendle Group, in partnership with Mead & Hunt and the Colorado Department of Transportation Aeronautics Division, helped develop a sustainability management plan tool kit available to general aviation airports throughout Colorado. The project involved identifying goals and indicators broad enough to meet the needs of most Colorado general aviation airports and then developing online templates, tools, and resources for these airports to build and evolve their own sustainability management plans. The tool kit guides users in gathering and incorporating baseline data, identifying sustainability goals, and identifying strategies to help them achieve those goals. It also helps them produce a plan and track their progress over time. The process of developing a sustainability management plan not only raises awareness but also can immediately affect an airport’s bottom line since sustainable practices often lead to operational efficiency and a better airport user experience. This tool kit is an innovative approach that brings resources and accountability to general aviation airports and gives them the opportunity to lead in this important area.