“I want to thank Brendle Group for all the work you did to support the Climate Task Force.  Having Brendle Group’s participation gave the project a high level of credibility that has been and will continue to be very valuable.  I honor your deep commitment to advancing sustainability – it shines through both professionally and personally.  Brendle Group went above and beyond as usual.”

Lucinda Smith, Environmental Planner City of Fort Collins

Local Government and Utilities

Engaging staff, utilities, and communities in sustainability.

  • Local Government and Utilities

Local governments and utilities play a leading role in promoting energy and resource efficiency, addressing climate change, and adopting more sustainable practices. From program development and planning to community outreach and implementation, Brendle Group helps engage municipalities, utilities, and the broader community in sustainability. Our services include:

Sustainability Planning and Strategy Development: Brendle Group’s planners, engineers, and facilitators help identify goals, practices, and priorities in an inclusive approach that engages the entire community and creates targeted, quantifiable sustainability plans and strategies for issues ranging from resource efficiency and land use to education and engagement

Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy: We assess energy options; conduct evaluations of operations; develop utility-scale programs; and help integrate energy efficiency, demand response, renewable energy, and smart grid solutions.

Green Building Design and Program Support: Our engineers and LEED-accredited professionals evaluate sustainable design options, green building initiatives, and greening of land use and building codes both in new construction and renovation projects and at the program level.

Water Assessments and Plans: We develop water footprints, conduct water assessments, identify cost-saving water efficiency strategies and conservation plans, provide implementation support, and target funding.

Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation: We help you develop a wide array of climate strategies utilizing our engineering and planning expertise to mitigate impacts and build your resiliency to a changing climate.

Training and Workshop Facilitation: Brendle Group trains and motivates staff and engages the entire community to help implement effective organizational and community-level change.

Communications and Sustainability Reporting: Brendle Group helps share your story with stakeholder constituencies and the broader community through strategic communications and sustainability reporting.