Sustainability and the Ski Industry: A Conversation

CSU's new Ski Area Management graduate certificate program interviewed Judy Dorsey in February 2015. Click below to view the video series.

Tourism and Ski Industries

Use resources more efficiently. Confront climate change and manage risks. Integrate sustainability throughout your organization.

  • Ski Industry and Tourism

Brendle Group helps the tourism and ski industries navigate a unique set of challenges in a changing world. From sustainable tourism to ski area sustainability and support for ski industry sustainability initiatives such as the National Ski Area Association's (NSAA's) Sustainable Slopes, Brendle Group is helping raise the bar on sustainability.

Sustainability Planning and Strategy Development: We help drive top-down change through company, organization, and industry-level sustainability initiatives and plans while building bottom-up support through targeted, quantifiable sustainability strategies.

Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Feasibility Studies: We assess energy options; conduct evaluations of operations; and help integrate energy efficiency, renewable energy, and smart grid strategies.

Green Building Design Support: Our engineers and LEED-accredited professionals help evaluate sustainable design options, both in new construction and renovation projects and at the building and master plan level.

Water Assessments and Footprinting: We identify cost-saving water efficiency strategies, develop water conservation plans, provide implementation support, and target funding.

Greenhouse Gas Mitigation and Adaptation: We’ll help you develop a wide array of climate strategies utilizing our engineering and planning expertise to mitigate impacts and build your resiliency to a changing climate.

Training and Workshop Facilitation: We support your sustainability efforts by training and motivating staff to implement effective change in your organization.

Communications and Sustainability Reporting: We’ll help share your story with external stakeholders and the broader community through strategic communications and sustainability reporting.

Profiting from Sustainability: Economics, Efficiency, and Investor Perspectives