Horsetooth Resevoir 2012Ten Years Coming… In 2002, the same year that Colorado experienced its first major drought in 40 years, Brendle Group expanded our sustainability services to include water. Public concern about water supply was high and there was a noticeable lack of water efficiency services in the commercial sector. In 2008, the National Academy of Engineers (NAE) released its Grand Challenges for Engineering. Noting that lack of clean water is responsible for more deaths in the world than war, NAE held up water quality and supply as top challenges of the 21st century.

Water also hit home for us this past summer in Fort Collins, Colorado with the hottest summer on record, extreme drought, and catastrophic wildfire. From World Water Week in Stockholm to 2012 as the Year of Water in Colorado, all things are connected in sustainability and these days water seems to be the common thread.

While we know that water is a challenge at home and around the globe, the question becomes… what to do about it? And while engineering and technology are pieces to the puzzle, other frontiers of innovation are needed. Further, what’s the role of a small sustainability consulting firm such as Brendle Group in such a global complex challenge? Through our strategic planning process, Brendle Group is working to address these questions. Read more for an update on what inspires us, new services on the horizon, and how to get involved.