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Advancing the Net Zero Water Concept: The Building-scale Toolkit

To pilot the concept of Net Zero Water (NZW), an initiative to develop a toolkit to support NZW planning at the building scale was launched in October 2013 at the Net Zero Cities conference in Fort Collins, Colorado. A team of five Fort Collins companies partnered to develop a user-friendly Microsoft Excel®-based analysis tool and companion guidebook. Through the initiative, a technical advisory group was formed to gather technical expertise and input while a wide array of stakeholders were also engaged for their input and ideas.

What does the building toolkit help me do?

  • Baseline water footprint

As first step in developing a NZW Plan, the baseline water footprint needs to be established. A water footprint includes water consumed at the site and the water quality impacts of stormwater runoff from the site.

Recognizing that water needs and impacts can vary widely from facility to facility, the goal setting module of the toolkit allows users to select from a list of water quantity and quality goals.

  • water footprint reduction strategies

After establishing a baseline and forecast and setting preliminary goals, the toolkit takes users through the process of identifying water quantity and quality footprint reduction strategies.

  • Toolkit implementation

The final phase of the toolkit is implementation. The toolkit helps users document their results, track progress, and communicate with stakeholders.

Download the Building-scale Toolkit Now

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