About Our Name

When our President Judy Dorsey started Brendle Group in 1996, she chose her mother's maiden name, Brendle, as its foundation.

Eileen Brendle Dorsey died of breast cancer in 1970 just short of her 40th birthday. A leading-edge architect promoting green building techniques such as passive solar design as early as the 1950s, Dorsey had plans to start her own firm one day.

Brendle Group's name is a tribute to her aspirations.

About Brendle Group

Brendle Group is a sustainability consulting firm focused on engineering and strategic planning that leads by example, inspiring and empowering organizations to make thoughtful choices about the resources they use and create realistic roadmaps for sustainability.

Founded in Fort Collins, Colorado in 1996, Brendle Group serves clients nationwide, leveraging the strength of what its clients do well with their desire to do more for people, profit, and planet.

Our dynamic staff is driven by a shared set of core values and beliefs that inspire our work and underpin our approach to every project and client.

About Us