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Clean Energy Education & Empowerment (C3E) Webinar

Enterprise Scale Sustainability and Emerging Global Challenges webinar with Brendle Group President Judy Dorsey. January 28 from 2-3 p.m. ET. Register at

Fort Collins Community Action Network: Salon Duc Tape

Watch Judy’s presentation to the Fort Collins Community Action Network on Global Climate Migration: How can Colorado communities play a leadership role?

Bozeman approves ‘bold’ plan calling for emissions reductions

Brendle Group is proud to have supported the development of the City of Bozeman Climate Plan! Very excited by the City’s efforts to accelerate climate action!

6 Ways Environmental Advocates Can Change Climate Concern Into Action

Check out this article from Karin Kirk that features Brendle Group President, Judy Dorsey.

Discussing Climate Migration
KOA Radio Discusses Climate Migration

Climate migration is an emerging issue that people are dealing with in a number of areas. KOA Radio discusses the concept and why it’s becoming more prominent with Judy Dorsey. Listen to the radio segment here and check out the white paper here.

Colorado Firm Urges Community Leaders to Address Climate Migration Crisis

Several news outlets have shared information about Brendle Group’s white paper, International Climate Migration What Can U.S. Communities Do?

Bloomberg Law – Climate Migration Stalls for Years Without Federal Lead: Watchdog

Brendle Group President, Judy Dorsey, quoted in the article here.

Colorado WaterWise Webinar: What Water Managers Should Know About Cooling Towers

Join Brendle Groupers Zach Taylor and Amy Volckens as they walk through a discussion on cooling towers.

Thursday, December 6 from 2-3 p.m.

Register and learn more at

American Planing Association Water and Planning Connect Conference

The APA Water and Planning Connect Conference explores new ways to integrate land use planning with water management to ensure your community’s healthier, more sustainable future.

The Conference focuses on collaboration with planning and water industry leaders on topics such as “One Water,” planning for climate change, and engaging the public on important water issues.

Brendle Groupers Shelby Sommer and Amy Volckens present on Aligning Planners and Water Professionals.

Climate Action in the Winter Sports Community

U.S. EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy talks about the efforts taking place in the winter sports community to reduce climate change. She gives a special thanks to NSAA Industry Impact Award recipient, Judy Dorsey.

General Aviation Airport Sustainability Program

For general aviation airports in Colorado, sustainability is about their ability to remain viable and valuable assets to their customers and communities and to adapt and improve in a changing market. Sustainability also helps balance economic, social, and environmental pressures while still meeting the operational needs of an airport.

Brendle Group helped develop a sustainability planning tool kit with Mead and Hunt and the Colorado Division of Aeronautics to support GA airports on their path to greater sustainability and viability.

From Net Zero Energy to Net Zero Water: A New Frontier in Sustainability

With drought intensifying across much of the country and a changing climate that means less water for growing populations, the water resource risks and uncertainties faced by companies, organizations, and communities are increasing. Yet the tools to comprehensively assess current water use and quality impacts, examine water and cost reduction scenarios, and take action have been lacking. The Net Zero Water Initiative fills this gap and is now available for free download. Read more here.

The City of Hermosa Beach, California Sets Ambitious Goal to Achieve Municipal Carbon Neutrality by 2020

In February 2015, Hermosa Beach became the fourth city in America to choose to codify its carbon neutral plans, setting a goal of municipal carbon neutrality by 2020. Hermosa Beach joins the cities of Davis, Austin, and South Miami as early adoptees of carbon neutrality. Read more here.