Solving complex sustainability challenges through practical planning, robust engineering and analysis, and actionable implementation

clients served
projects completed
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Navigating the vital intersections of
climate, energy, and water
Minimize risk and leverage opportunities posed by climate change.
Maximize energy efficiency at scale through leading-edge technology.
Cut cost and reduce consumption and quality impacts with Net Zero Water.
Driving practical solutions to significant local and global challenges

With each project, we work to sustain and inspire our clients, communities, and world. Through our projects, we strive to identify, lead, and catalyze the next significant innovations in sustainability and make sustainability the standard.

Delivering Meaningful Energy, Water & Climate Solutions

Drive sustainable solutions by developing plans, strategies, and policies and moving them to implementation.

Putting System Resilience into Practice

Minimize impacts from climate change and thrive using state of the art tools, frameworks, and best practices.

Connecting the Natural & Built Environment

Work in a collaborative stakeholder environment informed by accurate and meaningful data.

From enterprise to campus or neighborhood to community, we can help you develop an actionable plan.
Engineering & Analysis
Our engineers and analysts target cost-effective strategies for reducing your impact and leveraging your opportunities.
The best laid plans are nothing if they are not implemented. With our rigorous planning and analysis, our projects are ready for implementation.
Approaching global challenges head on
Brendle Group is focused on creating lasting impacts — using innovative sustainability solutions to support our clients’ bottom line goals, addressing immediate localized needs, and creating lasting global impact.
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