The Climate Challenge: A National Program for Ski Areas

The Climate Challenge is a voluntary program designed to recognize ski areas that are committed to developing greenhouse gas inventories, setting goals for carbon reduction, implementing at least one reduction strategy per year, and reporting progress. Brendle Group is providing ongoing technical support for participating ski areas.

Climate Change Services

A changing climate poses risks and opportunities for businesses, governments, organizations, and institutions.

Greenhouse Gas Inventories

Brendle Group performs greenhouse gas inventories using established protocols to pinpoint emission sources:

  • Scope 1, 2, and 3 emissions
  • Local government emission protocols
  • World Resources Institute Greenhouse Gas Protocol
  • Clean Air Cool Planet higher education protcol

  • Climate Action Plan

Climate Action Planning

We develop climate action plans, strategies, and programs for reducing greenhouse gas emissions:

  • Emissions reduction projects: energy, transportation, water, waste, land use
  • Calculation of costs and benefits
  • Implementation support

Climate Adaptation Strategies

We help communities, organizations, and companies adapt to an already changing climate using planning, vulnerability assessment, and organizational change strategies.