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Capabilities & Skills

Each project is approached with thought leadership and creativity — helping you navigate the vital intersections of climate, energy, and water through practical planning, robust engineering and analysis, and actionable implementation.

From enterprise to campus or neighborhood to community, we can help you develop an actionable plan for your sustainability topic(s). We’re a team of trained and certified planners with proven tools and processes to lead interdisciplinary teams.
Facilitation & Capacity Building
Facilitation is more than checking off a requirement — it’s about bringing together diverse expertise and experiences in vital conversations to solve our biggest challenges. We bring businesses, community leaders and members, and under-represented groups to the table to break down barriers in order to achieve better outcomes.
Climate Mitigation, Adaptation & Resiliency
Reduce your impacts on a changing climate, identify and minimize the risks you face, and adapt to new climate realities so you remain strong and resilient.
Sustainability Plans & Management Systems
We use an interdisciplinary and iterative approach to sustainability management that is ambitious, practical, and actionable so that your plan remains responsive to your needs and realities.
Program Design
With more than 20 years of experience developing and managing climate, energy, water, and sustainability programs across the country, we can help you design the right program to achieve your goals.
Energy & Water Management
Develop a realistic and impactful management strategy with goals, metrics, and pathways to action.
Engineering & Analysis
Our engineers and analysts target cost-effective strategies for reducing your impact and leveraging your opportunities. Gone are the days of complicated charts and data with no connection to what it means or how it can be used. Brendle Group can help you aggregate data, interpret trends, explore scenarios and alternatives, and plan for action.
Assessments & Audits
We conduct preliminary to investment-grade energy and water assessments that identify real-world strategies to help you achieve your goals and improve your bottom line.
Scenario Modeling & Feasibility Analysis
Brendle Group can support you in developing and measuring strategies, determining potential impacts and benefits, and evaluating tradeoffs in water and energy planning.
Microgrids & Renewables
Brendle Group evaluates the feasibility of microgrids and renewable energy technologies and helps clients remove barriers to incorporating these technologies.
Greenhouse Gas Accounting
Using the best approach to meet your needs, we perform comprehensive greenhouse gas inventories that lead to actionable reduction strategies.
Sustainable Design & Certification
From feasibility to cost analysis, we can help you navigate the increasingly complex world of certification and best practice by bringing your strategies to life through technical certification assistance and integrated design at every stage of a project.
Applied Research
Our team is on the leading edge in both industry and academia. We have led groundbreaking research studies that inform today’s industry best practices, sharing our work across industry forums.
The best laid plans are nothing if they are not implemented. With our rigorous planning and analysis, our projects are ready for implementation. Below are some services we offer to help you get things done.
Benchmarking & Performance Monitoring
We can help you map your current carbon footprint and water and energy use. To better understand these data, we compare you to your peers and national best practice. Beyond data, we analyze the costs, potential savings, and payback of future programs and strategies. Once implemented, we can verify that these strategies perform as designed.
Communications & Coaching
We use an interdisciplinary approach for bringing strong communications tools and skills to every project, and can coach individuals and organizations through change management and sustainability options and opportunities.
Program Administration
Support for your sustainability program doesn’t end once it’s designed. Brendle Group can support you with program administration and continuous improvement for ongoing success.
On-Call Services
Our team can serve as an extension of your staff, filling in where and when you need it most.

“As an administrator, who is not an expert in energy savings projects, it was incredibly valuable to have support when receiving project bids. The comprehensive energy audit, combined with guidance and input from the team, helped me to feel confident and well informed when presenting options to Legacy’s board of directors.”

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