Measuring and Implementing Sustainability

Brendle Group helped develop a Sustainability Evaluation System (SES) for the City of Longmont, Colorado’s public works projects. This effort included reviewing over 60 sustainability evaluation tools and rating systems to develop a customized approach that allows the City to set project goals and evaluate and score up to 5 project alternatives using 60 sustainability criteria. These criteria reference sustainability best practice frameworks, but more importantly they are also closely linked to the City’s various plans, goals, and criteria to make the evaluation locally relevant. The City of Longmont has been applying the SES to several projects, including water and wastewater facilities, solid waste and recycling program decisions, and flood recovery efforts.

After completing this evaluation system, Brendle Group supported a major update of the City’s Sustainability Plan. The plan reinforces the City’s Envision Longmont Comprehensive Plan and details more specific objectives, targets, and strategies to advance the City’s sustainability efforts. The Sustainability Plan process used the SES to help scope and evaluate topics to be included in the Plan. Unanimously adopted by City Council, the Sustainability Plan is implementation-focused, with clear delineation of timelines, responsibilities, and resources necessary to translate the plan into action.