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Impact-Driven Solutions

With each project, we work to sustain and inspire our clients, communities, and world. We strive to identify, lead, and catalyze the next significant innovations in sustainability and make sustainability the standard.

Delivering Meaningful Energy, Water & Climate Solutions
Solutions to global issues often emerge at the local level. Working in neighborhoods, campuses, eco-districts, communities, and regions, Brendle Group drives sustainable energy, water, and climate solutions by developing plans, strategies, and policies and moving them to implementation.
Community Planning & Implementation
Our skilled planners and facilitators help engage key stakeholders and leverage diverse resources, to plan, develop, and implement realistic and impactful strategies to address complex challenges.
Utility Partnerships
We serve as a bridge between utilities and their customers to maximize efficiency, cut costs, and implement leading-edge technologies.
Net Zero Energy & Water Strategy
The bar for improved energy and water performance continues to rise.  We help you design and develop projects targeting net zero energy and water or 100% renewable energy in practical and cost-effective ways.
Putting System Resilience into Practice
More extreme droughts and flooding, shifting snowpack and runoff, rising sea levels, and other changing climate conditions mean that mitigating emissions is not enough. We work with at-risk communities to minimize their impacts on climate change while helping them thrive using state of the art tools, frameworks, and best practices for adaptation, resiliency, and regeneration.
Comprehensive Climate Resiliency & Regeneration
We use innovative and creative strategies and technologies hand-in-hand with a deep understanding of the long-term risks and benefits gleaned from strategic stakeholder engagement to provide long-term economic and social stability for communities.
Vulnerability Assessments & Adaptation Planning
Brendle Group can help you identify, quantify, and prioritize your climate risks. Don’t stop there – once we’ve assessed your vulnerabilities, we can help you mitigate and adapt for a safer and more resilient future.
Certifications & Rating Systems
New and creative governance and financing structures are key elements to successful project outcomes. Brendle Group can help you set ambitious sustainability goals as well as help you determine the appropriate structure, certification, or rating.
Connecting the Natural & Built Environment
Increased population, infrastructure, and transportation needs continue to put pressure on natural systems and environments. In supporting healthy interactions between the built and natural environment, it’s critical to work in a collaborative stakeholder environment informed by accurate and meaningful data.
Sustainability for Ski & Tourism Communities
Access to natural resources, desirable weather, and outdoor amenities makes ski and tourism communities ideal places to live, work, and visit but these same things also put them at greater risk from climate change. Brendle Group has worked with ski and tourism communities for most of our more than 20-year history and we can help you confidently plan for the future.
Ecosystem Services
Through baselining key resources and indicators, engaging in multi-stakeholder processes, and conducting rational and solution-driven analysis and engineering, Brendle Group can help inform public policy and market solutions to address complex social, economic, and political pressures on our ecosystems.

“The Brendle Group is committed to the entire process of each project — the communications, the collaboration, the commitment to the big picture of sustainability.”

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