People-Centered Firm

We’re a fun-loving team, that is passionate about sustainability in our work, our operations, and our communities. We treat our team, our clients, and our stakeholders as valued and critical players in our work and our impact.

Our Story

Brendle Group is proud of our more than 20 year history helping clients reach their sustainability goals! We’re excited to share a little bit about our history, our purpose and mission, and our exciting team of talented professionals.


When our President, Judy Dorsey, started Brendle Group in 1996, she chose her mother’s maiden name, Brendle, as its foundation.

Eileen Brendle-Dorsey was a leading edge-architect promoting green building techniques as early as the 1950s, with plans to start her own firm one day. Eileen’s career was tragically cut short – she passed away from breast cancer in 1970, just short of her 40th birthday.

Brendle Group’s name is a tribute to all women and leaders challenging conventions and to Eileen’s vision and enduring legacy.

Purpose, Mission & Values

Brendle Group has been practicing sustainability since the company was founded in 1996, and we are committed to embodying sustainability principles in our own operations.


Apply our engineering and consulting talents to create lasting impacts that sustain and inspire our communities and our world.


Accelerate equitable solutions to the climate crisis.

Core Values

  • Lead by Example: We walk the talk by advancing sustainability across our team, operations, and communities, and by providing transparency through annual reporting.
  • Work/Life Flow: We provide flexibility and support for coworkers to contribute fully in work and life.
  • Impact: We do work that makes a difference.
  • Inspiration: We cultivate opportunities for people to follow and share their passions.
  • Relationship: We support each other and collaborate to build strong teams.
  • Opportunity: We create an environment for rich and rewarding personal and professional growth.
Impact Report

Brendle Group remains committed to helping shape the ever-evolving frontiers of sustainability and addressing the most pressing needs. Sustainability is at the core of everything we do. For details, please review our 2022 Impact Report at

Meet the Team
It is through our talented team that we make sustainability accessible and rewarding for our clients! Each of our team members has a breadth of experience across a range of sustainability topics, along with specialized core capabilities. To harness these capabilities, we’ve organized staff into five service teams:
  • Planning
  • Engineering
  • Analytics
  • Operations
  • People and Communications

Explore our full team below and be sure to click on individual names to learn more about them and their areas of expertise.

Explore a Career with Us
Brendle Group is a close-knit but strategically growing company. We attract and retain creative, collaborative, and driven individuals who demonstrate thought leadership and innovative problem solving to address sustainability’s great challenges. We believe in finding the right person for the right role within our organization to maximize both the applicant’s career development goals and the company’s impact-driven, people-centered priorities.
Company Culture

We’re passionate about sustainability and foster an environment in which our team members can thrive, pursue their interests, and grow personally and professionally by:

  • Encouraging work-life balance
  • Helping our team grow professionally and personally through a mentorship program
  • Emphasizing employee wellness
  • Encouraging community involvement and volunteerism
  • Encouraging ongoing training and professional growth
  • Incentivizing sustainability practices at home
Community Contributions

Each year we donate services to nonprofit organizations that lack the in-house expertise or resources to get started with sustainability. Examples of services provided in the past include building assessments, strategic sustainability planning, and training. Brendle Group also supports non-profit and educational organizations with grants for projects or initiatives that align with the company’s vision and mission. To apply for free consulting services or a charitable donation, follow the directions in this form.

“Brendle Group truly puts the principles of sustainability into action in their own business and this sets them apart. Fort Collins is lucky to have Brendle Group located here, supporting our community’s work to create a better future.”