Water Services

Brendle Group provides an innovative mix of sustainable water management services from water conservation to green infrastructure approaches. We help clients cut costs while reducing their water consumption and quality impacts. As part of this process, Brendle Group created a custom Net Zero Water Planning Toolkit — a user-friendly analysis tool and guidebook designed to help users identify their water footprint and create a strategic plan for reducing impact.

Water Use Assessments and Benchmarking

Brendle Group can help increase your water efficiency by mapping your existing water use. We analyze the costs, potential savings, and payback of your water conservation opportunities.

  • Utility bill analysis
  • Efficiency in end use fixtures, process water use, and outdoor irrigation activities
  • Outdoor irrigation use
  • Water use benchmarks

Sustainable Water Management and Planning

Through a multi-year process, Brendle Group developed Net Zero Water, a free, Microsoft Excel©-based tool that jumpstarts sustainable water management activities. Brendle Group can help you develop:

  • Water footprints — including quality and quantity impacts
  • Water conservation plans
  • Water efficiency practices and programs
  • Customized toolkits and manuals

Water Management Program Design

Brendle Group also helps clients develop successful tools and programs for water management.

  • Education initiatives
  • Best practice training to increase capacity and program acceptance
  • Engagement techniques

Energy and Climate Linkages and Long-Term Risk Assessments

Brendle Group will help you understand how your water management efforts are effecting other sustainability practices and your long-term risks related to:

  • Embodied energy in water
  • Impacts of climate change to water resilience
  • Water as part of a broader sustainability strategy
  • Connections between water and economic development