By: Julie Sieving

IMG_7847A favorite internal saying at Brendle Group has been “it’s all about the party!” We have used parties for all occasions – to celebrate our team, pivotal company events, major milestones, and just because. Along the way, we’ve also used a party-themed analogy to describe the evolution of our company and our industry. In the earliest days, we were the people no one wanted to talk to at the cocktail party…if we even got an invite to begin with (sniff). “Engineering for the greater good – what?” “A business case for sustainability – huh?” Clearly crazy talk from offerors in a niche industry.

2012-12-14 20.10.16Over time, Brendle Group became people that other party-goers actually wanted to talk to – imagine! The cocktail party conversation became, “Brendle Group: we know we want to be sustainable, but what does that even mean? Can you help?” “Hmmm… this triple bottom line – people, planet and prosperity – of sustainability makes a lot sense.” We even threw a few parties ourselves – and people came! I remember when we finished one of our first larger projects and took time out to celebrate as a group – in part, because there were enough “BGers” to justify a company party. I have good party memories of Gailmarie Kimmel reading a poem at our 10-year anniversary. Then, when celebrating the company’s move into our Fort Collins headquarters Another shot with Seth on the front linesbuilding in 2010, I recall Judy toasting Dan for all his leadership (aka blood, sweat and tears) to create Brendle Group’s new (high-performing) home. I think back to the faces of long time Brendle Group friends – like Geraldine Link and Denise Julianna – who joined our 15-year party.

BG Pow-wow

BG Pow-wow

Eventually, people started wanting to be us at the party – sharing our interests and following our lead! Spurred by what I remember thinking of as the perfect storm, our niche market was introduced to a much larger audience courtesy of favorable market factors like increasing energy costs, the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, advancing technologies, etc. So, perhaps it’s fitting that a party was again part of a pivotal company moment in 2017 to celebrate the opening of our Utah office with our friends – old and new – in the Beehive state.

Soon, Brendle Group will be throwing another party – a celebration of our own 2017 Brendle Group team. These celebrations too have evolved over the 20 years of Brendle Group. For example, Dan and Judy generously hosted our entire team in their home (also high-performing) for many, many of the early years. These days, our team has grown to a size that extends way beyond those cozy get-togethers. Regardless of the size and location, Brendle Group parties reflect a company tradition to take time out to say thanks to our team and our team family.

Cheers to another 20 years, Brendle Group!

Julie -04About the Author – As a valued Senior Engineer with Brendle Group, Julie puts her 17 years of engineering experience to work for clients ranging from local governments and utilities to schools, ski areas, and leading edge companies. Julie has led numerous energy and water efficiency projects and is known for her direct community involvement and facilitation experience, helping clients navigate complex issues while focusing on project implementation and performance monitoring.

Along with conducting over 100 on-site facility assessments and building commissioning projects, Julie has demonstrated success through her leadership in developing demand side management (DSM) programs targeting the small commercial sector. Her expertise is informed by hands-on experience facilitating integrated green commercial and residential building design, as well as operational and systematic sustainability strategies. Julie holds a BS in Mechanical Engineering from Colorado State University, supplemented by Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) accreditation. As a recipient of the Governor’s Pollution Prevention Advisory Board Award and named Rocky Mountain Association of Energy Engineers’ Energy Engineer of the Year, Julie focuses on collaboration to keep sustainability accessible and rewarding for her clients.