Businesses are still wary about growth given the extended recession recovery – and with good reason…there are so many risks that come with expansion. In fact, the sales growth rate for privately held companies in 2013 was the slowest since 2009, according to Forbes and Sageworks ( Sometimes the physical drain of working harder and longer sure beats the mental drain of hiring and firing good people, but you can only sustain that model for so long and then you need to raise your head, survey the landscape, and take some risk. I’m looking around Brendle Group’s upstairs office area that, for the first few years in this building, had empty spaces for great people we were expecting…….someday.

That someday is today. Our spaces are now filled with those great new people. In the past 6 months and even few days, two planners, a new IT/visual design guru, and a new engineer have filled the voids of expectation. And did I mention we have a Denver office? We do – and we have people in it!

All this to say that it feels good to stretch, to see our customers stretching also, to be able to serve more customers with broader talents and new innovations. Each new person that has joined our ranks brings a unique view of the world and set of skills that makes us better. And we were good before.