By: Judy Dorsey

Core Values

When crisis hits, it’s helpful to have a purpose and values as foundations in navigating uncertainty. While our company purpose and values were minted years ago as a full-team effort, within days of closing our office and moving to work from home status last month, it was clear that our purpose and values still held. We used them to quickly assess how we want to operate and behave as a business during COVID-19 response and recovery, then created the following guidelines and commitments to our team and customers.

  • Brendle Group will be inspired leaders during these times, focused on helping communities weather uncertainty and build resilience.
  • We will adapt our lens of sustainability to be relevant and sensitive to what our customers and communities are going through now, while anticipating and solving for longer-term changes resulting from these times.
  • We will prioritize job security and benefits for our team members, while emphasizing continuity of services and fostering shared financial responsibility.
  • We will embrace the upsides of working remotely, finding creative and effective ways to maintain team cohesion and growing new skills in using remote technologies effectively.
  • We are in this together. We will check-in with and take care of each other, our customers, networks, and communities.
  • We will diligently monitor changing health, safety, and economic conditions; and we will communicate regularly – navigating Brendle Group’s course together through questions, feedback, and idea sharing.

Doing Our Part – Public Messaging

As part of being inspired leaders, we also think its important to use our voice and platform to reaffirm public messaging around steps we can all be taking to flatten the curve and break the cycle of this deadly infectious disease. In this spirit we’ve created a special version of our logo and a public-messaging tagline that we’re using in our correspondence and outreach.

Upping Our Game – Proactive and Nimble Project Delivery

Finally, we recognize that there’s a time and place for the range of conversations under the wide tent of sustainability. Our priority is to be sensitive to the needs and conditions in our communities, making sure we’re upping our game to provide creative, fast, innovative solutions during rapidly changing conditions and the challenges of doing business remotely.

In closing, we’re committed to checking in on and taking care of each other, our customers, networks and our communities. Let us know how you’re doing and how we can be of assistance. These times have reaffirmed our gratitude to be working in such a collaborative network. Our sincere thanks to all of you.

About the Author – As the founding president and principal engineer of Brendle Group, Judy is a pioneering engineer, entrepreneur, and sustainability business leader with 26 years of executive expertise in innovation, strategy and risk management. A natural team-builder, she has led the completion of more than 300 sustainability projects for over 150 clients across 30 states and is co-founder of the Colorado Clean Energy Cluster and International Cleantech Network. She has coached numerous business leaders and public policy makers in managing the risks and opportunities posed by climate change, energy system transitions and other socio-economic challenges. Through natural curiosity and engineering problem-solving, Judy distills complex technical problems into policy and strategy actions that solve for both the long and the short term. She is a valued collaborator known for her skilled facilitation in engaging diverse groups of stakeholders seeking to align and execute around a shared purpose. Judy is the recipient of numerous industry awards and is featured in the Smithsonian Institute’s Places of Innovation exhibit. She serves as a U.S. C3E Ambassador, a group of distinguished senior leaders who serve as role models and advocates for women in clean energy.