WFPlogoBrendle Group was recently recognized, by Fort Collins Utilities, for our innovative water conservation efforts with the 2013 Water Catcher award.  Though our building’s water footprint is not yet net zero, we are continuously looking to be a test case for new ideas.

One example of our internal commitment to sustainability and innovation is the application of Net Zero Water concepts to our own building . In addition to establishing our existing footprint we have developed a preliminary plan to reduce our water quantity and quality impacts with a goal of becoming water neutral by 2020.

Our strategies for water neutrality include reducing our water use, generating water supply on-site through rainwater harvesting and water reuse (with a target of supplying two-thirds of our use on-site by 2020), and better managing the water quality impacts associated with stormwater runoff from our site.

To achieve water neutrality, we realize we must work closely with community partners to address existing barriers (such as the legality of rainwater harvesting in Colorado) and help establish additional tools (such as water supply and quality credit trading programs similar in concept to voluntary carbon trading). To that end, we are currently working with the Colorado Water Innovation Cluster and others within the Colorado water community to continue the dialogue on water related topics and to advance the discussion on many of these challenging issues.

Becky, our resident water guru, will be speaking about our work in net zero water and hosting a session on carbon neutral water and wastewater operations at the Net Zero Cities conference, held here in Fort Collins, Colorado October 23-24. Registration for Net Zero Cities is still open, it’s not too late join in the conversation!