While it still feels like winter in much of the country, there are signs of spring here in Fort Collins, Colorado. Amidst the occasional snow flurries, tulips are erupting, people are wearing flip-flops, and my yard is littered with the best stand of early weeds I’ve seen in years!

Keeping with the theme of spring’s rejuvenation, at Brendle Group we’ve taken the opportunity to re-energize on several fronts. We have refreshed our website to introduce new staff members, highlight really exciting work, streamline information, and basically make the whole thing more interactive. Check it out.

Also, we just updated our Sustainability Management System and completed our 5th year of annual reporting on our own sustainability. We are growing our client base and have new staff members, which means more travel and resources used in our own office…and increased emissions. Annual reporting helps us quantify this increase and develop strategies to reduce where we can and offset where we can’t so that we achieve our goals. For example, in our own building, we continue to make adjustments and improvements that help us use less energy, water, and other resources. In fact, recently we discovered a flushing phenomenon (OK – a push-button transposition) that will save half a flush almost every use with one of our toilets. I realize half a flush is a small thing, but given how little water we use already, every effort helps us achieve our goals. So perhaps the best reflection on the possibilities for the rest of this year is that if you take care of the details, the big things follow.

Of course, it’s good to have big ideas as well to challenge us and keep this spring feeling going. So watch for big ideas – we’re full of them!

  • Colorado C3E Initiative – advancing women in the clean energy sector
  • California – Check out Cullen Choi, who joined Brendle Group in January and is already doing commissioning work in sunny California
  • Net Zero Energy and Water Initiatives – Fort Collins leads the way
  • Electric Vehicles and climate action plan goals