Traveling back from a fruitful trip to Ohio and some great meetings for the Toledo-Lucas County Sustainability Plan and Cleveland Climate Action Plan, I’m reflecting on the exciting work we are so fortunate to be a part of at Brendle Group as well as the amazing diversity of the work we do. While sustainability can be a very loaded term, the beauty at the same time is that it can mean so many different things to different people. From climate and energy neutral planning in Colorado to leveraging sustainability and climate issues for economic growth in our country’s Rust Belt, the work we do is so diverse and extremely rewarding.

Being from the Midwest and a rust belt state, I have been particularly inspired and encouraged by the power of sustainability to not only promote good stewardship of our natural resources but also help to lift up and revitalize a region. The movie Red, White, and Blueprints: A Rust Belt Documentary, featured at the Cleveland International Film Festival last month, showcases the innovation and emerging ideas coming out of the Rust Belt and highlights individuals who are realizing the great potential of this region and taking ownership over the destiny of their cities. It will be exciting to see how the concept of sustainability is woven into this effort to ensure success for generations to come and what role Brendle Group will play in this journey.