• Judy Dorsey Presenting

University of California Carbon Neutral Charrettes

Coordinated Planning Across a Campus System

Brendle Group, in coordination with Raimi + Associates, facilitated a series of carbon neutrality charrettes for eight University of California campuses. The purpose of the charrettes, which were sponsored by the University of California’s Office of the President, were to (1) facilitate individual campus efforts towards carbon neutrality; (2) leverage, support, and expand existing campus-level carbon neutrality efforts; (3) align carbon neutrality efforts and collaboration between campuses, the U.C. Office of the President, and the U.C. Carbon Neutrality Initiative; (4) create a carbon neutrality vision statement for each campus; and (5) identify key strategies and next steps for carbon neutrality at the campus level and across the UC system. While each half-day campus charrette followed a similar agenda for consistency, the charrette team worked with each campus prior to the charrettes to customize the approach to its unique physical, cultural, and institutional environment. Campus charrettes had anywhere from 25 to 40 attendees, with participation from a range of staff, faculty, administrators, students, and external partners. In total, there were approximately 200 to 250 participants across all UC campuses.