Fort Collins, Colorado Green Building Program

Supporting Green Building in the Residential, Commercial Sectors

In 2007, Brendle Group developed a Green Building Program Plan for the City of Fort Collins, which included extensive stakeholder interviews; research to develop green building benchmarks based on other national programs; and development of short, medium, and long term goals. In 2010, Brendle Group followed up this work with the City to help develop a Green Building Program to implement the Plan. The Green Building Program includes an integrated framework that supports market transformation toward increasing use of green building practices in new construction and existing building renovation.

Brendle Group helped develop a proposed package of residential and commercial building code amendments that align with community goals of reduced carbon emissions, reduced energy use, and reduced water use.

In particular, we helped the City evaluate the benefits from and costs of adopting the code amendments as they relate to the community, the building sector, and building occupants by conducting a quantitative analysis of the primary benefits and costs associated with each proposed code change on the basis of utility and operational savings, building costs, and enforcement costs.

In addition, Brendle Group performed a high-level regional and national review of green building benefits and costs relative to individuals, communities, economies, and ecosystems that are more challenging to quantify.