Grand Valley, Colorado Commercial, Industrial, and Institutional Water Assessments

On-site water assessments for high use customers

Brendle Group provided on-site water assessments for high use customers in the City of Grand Junction service area to support the implementation of the Grand Valley Regional Water Conservation Plan. Utilities involved in this effort included Clifton Water, the City of Grand Junction, and Ute Water. The assessments included an analysis of water utility bills and a walk-through of each facility to identify opportunities for water savings. For each conservation opportunity identified, potential water and energy savings were estimated as well as a financial analysis conducted to determine a simple payback for each opportunity. Indoor end use fixtures, outdoor irrigation, and process water all were considered in the identified opportunities. A water model was also developed for each facility to provide an inventory of identified water using activities in an attempt to match those uses with reported water utility data and identify any potential leaks in the system.